Dezember 16, 2021
The Carnival of the Dinosaurs
Dezember 19, 2021


parallax background


Two of the most successful projects I conducted at Theater Regensburg were Lucia di Lammermoor (2020) and Dame Kobold (2021). Both were collaborations with director (and legendary singer) Brigitte Fassbaender. During our discussions on these two pieces, I mentioned that I was interested in writing an opera. Brigitte indicated she would be interested in writing the libretto and we began discussing potential subjects. She sent me a biography of Sarah Bernhardt which I read in a day, and we began imagining how the opera might work. I was intrigued with the idea that the music of Sarah’s life broadly overlapped the “golden age” of the operetta and decided to call our work an operetta rather than an opera. The musical sound excerpts here are entirely computer generated and are here to give an indication of how the work will sound. Composition ongoing. 



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